Live Review: The Naked and Famous @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – October 28th 2016

On October 28, I made my way to the Vogue Theatre to check another band off my must-see list. It was the fall of 2010 when I first found The Naked and Famous – I had heard “Young Blood” on the radio and was immediately hooked. I bought their album Passive Me, Aggressive You right away, and listened to it on repeat.

I do tend to have musical ADD, so as with most new music I listen to, I quickly moved on to the next “big” band. The Naked and Famous always remained on my radar, though; anytime my iPod shuffled to one of their songs, I was immediately lulled into a state of content as I grooved along to whatever song was playing.

I’m happy to say that seeing them live was well worth the wait. TNAF came on after two great groups, The Chain Gang of 1974 and XYLO, but the anticipation was still intense. Both opening bands were full of energy and worked the crowd up to see the main event. When The Naked and Famous finally took the stage, it was to a thrilled audience.

Their set list was thoughtful and completely satisfying – a good mix of songs from their three albums. When they played the singles “All of This”, “Punching in a Dream”, and “No Way”, the crowd was appreciative and sang along with enthusiasm. “Young Blood” was something else entirely – everyone in the crowd went crazy.

I think my favorite song was the very last, “Rotten”. It was not only appropriate, being the last song on their latest album, but it was also an incredible way to display their talent and go out with a bang. TNAF added each element of the song individually and in succession. Much like on the album, they used recordings of the lead singers’ voice near the end of the song and layered each recording over another. These techniques complemented each other and showed off the group’s talent; completing and creating a well-rounded song. The result was almost ethereal; the acoustics of The Vogue and the accompanying light show amplified it even more.

The group left the stage and ended the concert while “Rotten” lingered in the air with those layered recordings, making for a fantastic finale.

All in, The Naked and Famous did not disappoint. The concert was everything I had hoped it would be, reminding me once more why I first fell in love with this band all those years ago.

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