The Struts @ Imperial - November 9th 2016
The Struts @ Imperial - November 9th 2016

The Struts @ The Imperial – November 9th 2016

Almost exactly one year ago to the day, English rockers from Derbyshire, The Struts, came to Vancouver to play Venue Nightclub. Check out our review of that fateful night – right here.

That show was electric and sweaty and charismatic and just plain awesome.

Once I knew they would be returning to Vancouver this November, this time to the Imperial, I knew I had to be there.

These guys had proven that they epitomized rock n roll, and that they should never be missed.

The venue was hot and sweaty, local openers from Abbotsford, Casinos, started the night off with a lighter classic rock sound. Setting the tone for the night, and doing a really nice job of getting everyone revved up.

When it was time for the headliner to take over, the fog machine to the left of the stage started to thicken the air.

The UK four-piece quickly made their way to the stage and spent little time with pleasantries before they dove into their set.

Luke Spiller was a man possessed by the music. He was every bit on homage to the Robert Plants and the Mick Jaggers of yesteryear as he was his own organic manifestation. He overflowed with attitude and charisma and was nothing short of breathtaking.

Adam Slack on guitar was a little more mysterious. With ease, he worked his fingers up and down his fret board but he kept to the shadows and stared out from under the brim of his hat. The female contingent of the crowd ate it up, and a few times I could hear them calling out his name. I am sure he was playing it cool, but a faint smirk could be seen from time to time.

Jed Elliott on bass was a happy, energetic performer. He bounced in time through the set, a smile strewn across his face through most of it. He interacted with the crowd that was just before him.

Genthin Davies on drums was aggressive and focused. Watching him wrap on the drums with precision and power was truly captivating. Near the end of the show, he stood up on his chair and extended his arms outwards from his sides. The audience went mad with excitement. Then he dropped fro a standing position and landed in his seat and struck the drum skins as he ass hit the cushion. The audience ate it up, and he grinned with appreciation.

The band played for about 70 minutes. Which isn’t too bad considering they are still touring behind their first album, 2014’s Everybody Wants.

This band has everything it takes to be a mainstay in the industry. They are passionate, they love what they do, they love their fans, they work their asses off, and they are truly unique.

Luke Spiller is one of the most enticing front people I have ever seen live. He deserves your attention and your time.

Thank you to the band for an amazing night out.

Come back soon, please.

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