The Temper Trap + Coast Modern @ Commodore Ballroom – September 21st 2016

Dougy Mandagi‎ of The Temper Trap @ The Commodore Ballroom - September 21st 2016

Wednesday nights were made for music. I mean you are midway through the work week, leaving you equidistant from the previous and the following weekends.

What better thing to do then to venture out and take in some wonderful music? Not a hell of a lot.

This Wednesday night in particular had me out at the fabulous Commodore Ballroom on Granville Street in Vancouver.

I walked in and found a spot to the left of the stage. This show started relatively early, in comparison to the regular schedules of shows seen at this venue.

The venue seemed to have barely a hundred patrons so early in the night.

That didn’t stop openers, the L.A. based indie pop duo Coast Modern, from taking the stage and draining our mid-week blues away.

The Temper Trap + Coast Modern @ The Commodore Ballroom - September 21st 2016

Their SoCal influenced easy-living vibes flowed through the venue. As their set rolled on, the venue continued to fill with onlookers.

I was impressed with the way the band engaged with the audience, and with how refined their sound was in a live scenario.

Though new enough to the scene, their music is contagiously bouncy and it is not doubt there will be big things in their near future.

With the crowd warmed up, it was time for Australian rock band The Temper Trap to take the reins.

Lead by vocalist Dougy Mandagi, the band stood on the stage under the gentle glow of a purple backlight as stage smoke rolled across their feet.

Mandagi’s vocals danced through the air, the emotions of each note painted across his face.

The Temper Trap + Coast Modern @ The Commodore Ballroom - September 21st 2016

Toby Dundas, on drums, built these ever deepening beats that pulsed into your soul and formed the backbone of every song. He looked so focused at the back of the stage, caught in a trance and redirecting it’s message to the crowd.

Jonathon Aheren, on bass, danced with his guitar along the right of the stage. His effortless delivery and air of content added to the bands presence and to the overall timbre of each song.

Joseph Greer, on keyboards, seemed giddy. His happy, contagious grin rarely left his face. His fingers worked along the keyboard with an intricate accuracy, adding pulsing, moody tones to the entire show.

Wrapping the whole thing up, it was simply beautiful.

The full set list was a gathering of songs from 2016’s Thick As Thieves, 2012’s The Temper Trap, and 2009’s Conditions, closing out with the delightful track Sweet Disposition. Those lyrics ringing out from the speakers, and the crowd singing them right back to the stage – “It’s so young, it runs/And won’t stop ’til it’s over/Won’t stop to surrender”.

Thick As Thieves
Love Lost
Trembling Hands
Fall Together
Rabbit Hole
Ordinary World
Summers Almost Gone
Science Of Fear
Drum Song

Soldier On
What If I’m Wrong
Sweet Disposition

The Temper Trap + Coast Modern @ The Commodore Ballroom - September 21st 2016

The Temper Trap haven’t played in Vancouver for a few years. It was refreshing to see them live. It forced me to remember just how much I love them.

Thank you to both bands for such a great Wednesday night.

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