Matthew Murphy of The Wombats at Venue Nightclub in Vancouver, BC on January 30th 2018
Matthew Murphy of The Wombats at Venue Nightclub in Vancouver, BC on January 30th 2018

The Wombats + Future Feats @ Venue Nightclub – January 30th 2018

English rockers The Wombats brought their current ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’ tour through Venue in Vancouver on Tuesday night. The tour is the eponym of their upcoming album set to drop on February 9th, 2018.

Opening the show was the L.A.-based Future Feats, a peppy young pop-rock band on their first visit to Canada.

Their set was brimming with spirit and had that good-times feel to it. You could clearly see each member was having a great time. That energy quickly transposed to the audience, who started to dance and clap along with them. The only qualm with the set was a poor, muddy mix of their instruments and vocals, at some points, you could barely hear the lead singer at all. Aside from that, they put on a wonderful show and I would gladly make an effort to see them again if/when they return.

The Wombats took over the stage and an anticipatory hush fell over the crowd. It was really quite eerie.

They said their hellos and then started off the night with “Cheetah Tongue“, a song set to be the opening track on their new album. The crowd began singing along, it was astounding. I mean the song was only released on Youtube not six days prior.

For the most part, those in attendance watched respectively for the first few songs. They were engaged but not going crazy. That all went out the window once the band rolled into “Techno Fan“. The venue was filled with bobbing heads, pumping fists, and a lot of awkward dance moves; it was beautiful.

The three-piece Liverpool outfit was consistent and captivating. They committed fully to every song and felt like a complete, cohesive unit. Lead singer, Matthew Murphy, brings a touch of magic to the stage. He is humble and endearing and powerful, all at the same time. He is the central focus at most points but by no means controls all the eyes directed at the stage. Dan Haggis, on drums, is simply wonderful to watch as he raps the drum skins with an effortlessness. Tord Øverland Knudsen, on bass, is a wildman, working around, completely possessed by the music. That complete package is rare to find these days.

After the show, I walked around the back of the venue and watched the crowd filter to the streets.

I felt content. I felt satiated.

It was a great performance that showcased the English bands newest sound; full of their new material.

I would like to thank both bands for a superb evening.

Come back soon, we miss you already.

The Wombats setlist
Cheetah Tongue
Give Me a Try
Kill the Director
Black Flamingo
Techno Fan
Lemon to a Knife Fight
Here Comes the Anxiety
The English Summer
Pink Lemonade
Moving to New York
Jump Into the Fog
Let’s Dance to Joy Division
Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
Greek Tragedy

Photos © Jamie Taylor // Cryptic Photography

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