Theory of a Deadman @ The Commodore Ballroom – February 26th 2018

Tyler Connolly of Theory of a Deadman at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on February 26th 2018

Canadian rock band Theory Of A Deadman brought a solid performance to Vancouver this Sunday.

Lead singer Tyler Connolly was a charismatic front for the group. Walking the stage with a rockstar attitude and a big happy grin, he balanced that line between cock of the walk and proud performer very well.

Drummer Joey Dandeneau was a calculated cool. Holding the back of the stage, looking out across the crowd with determination in his gaze. He kept a robotic, deep beat that kept the house moving through the night.

Guitarist Dave Brenner and bassist Dean Back flanked Connolly from either side. They both worked their corners like hungry champs stalking the ring for that win. They never seemed to stand still, constantly in motion and interacting with the audience.

This foursome is locally bred, hailing from Delta, BC. Many of the faces in the house were friends and family of the band. That personal tint seemed to add another level of excitement to every moment. The venue was a constant sing along and you couldn’t make more than a quarter turn before seeing another smiling face locked in the moment.

The night started with “Lowlife”, from the bands 2011 album The Truth Is…, and rolled on through a well-balanced setlist with songs from each of their five other studio releases.

The band brought a tight set to their hometown crowd. Each member playing off the others to build a cohesive, music-making machine.

I would like to thank the band for a great night out.

Setlist for Theory of a Deadman at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on February 26th 2018

Photos © Jamie Taylor//Cryptic Photography

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