Three Days Grace Impresses The Fans


The mighty Commodore Ballroom played host to an amazing show last night. Three Days Grace and My Darkest Days both played stellar sets, and had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand’s. It was a night of indulgence, hard rock and overly excited females.

Three Days Grace has spent the last few years playing arena shows. During this experience, their sound grew, they got bigger, louder and more aggressive. Taking all that growth and stepping back into the club scene, had me worried. Would they be able to rethink their performance, to come across more personal? Would they be able to incorporate their knowledge of big venue presentation into a smaller show? Well, we were about to find out. Both myself and the fans in attendance were ravenous with excitement. Regardless of what was presented to us, we were all ready to rock.

Starting the night, were the bad boys from Toronto known as My Darkest Days. After the continual airplay they had been receiving for their single – Porn Star Dancing, I was really anticipating their performance. The keyboardist, Reid Henry, stepped out into the dimly lit stage, and started to play an ominous, eerie sound from his Roland synth . The horror inspired entrance music set the tone, as the rest of the band took the stage with force. The lights brightened and their stood the group. With no warning they took to their set.

It was aggressive, and powerful. The lead singer, Matt Walst, worked the stage with a provocative glare cast out over the crowd. Lead guitarist, Sal Costa, looked like a classic brit-punk, in his tattered jeans and multi-colored Mohawk. As a whole they were on their game, playing a ferocious set, that had most of the horde before them asking – Who are these guys. During their time on stage they delved into about eight songs. Most notably Porn Star Dancing and a couple tasty covers in Apologize by Timbaland and Come Undone by Duran Duran. This band is here to kick some ass, and really proved they can deliver, live, what they pump out from the recording studio. My Darkest Days are the new Canadian band to watch out for.

During the hiatus between the two acts, we waited, and waited. The wait was longer than expected, and the crowd started to get rowdy. After about 45 minutes, the main act finally was ready to began. The lights extinguished, the shutters dropped over the windows and the roaring floor erupted in screams. The four piece stormed from the darkness and attacked the stage. Feeding off the initial energy of the openers, they wasted no time jumping into their set. It was high flying, high energy, no holds barred rock. Adam Gontier, lead singer, had the ladies in the audience, grinning and gazing with lustful intent.

The band was on the ball, and solid, but played with ease. They fed back and forth off the audience, fist pumping with them in unison. Gontier is hyperactive. He leaps and lunges with purpose. Delivering the lyrics with his facial display just as much with his voice and body. Neil Sanderson, on drums, is a fucking mad man, his limbs like blurs most of the night. Barry Stock, on lead guitar, is a master of his art, playing with mixture of aggression and delicate control. Finally, Brad Walst, on bass, crept around the platform, with a sort of demonic possession. His body playing host to the demon that is music.

I was so impressed with both bands last night. It was refreshing to see two Canadian bread groups, play with such passion and dedication. Three Days Grace proved they can still kill it and My Darkest Days showed that they are here to stay and are revved up and ready to rock. The one thing that really impressed me the most last night, was the fans. They were the purest kind of music followers. Not out following a fad, but following their band. Coming out to support a group that they have loved for years. That dedication showed through and through, and always makes for a great group to party with.

In answer to my two self imposed questions from earlier, the answers are yes and yes. They proved they can adapt. They proved they can rock. They proved that they are about their music, their fans and the passion. Three Days Grace are a Canadian mainstay. So here’s to both bands for putting on a stellar show for the fans that love them.

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