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Live Review: Title Fight + Shook Ones @ Neumos – August 21st 2015

Nothing says a good time like a bunch of people crammed into a small club, where the walls are soaked with the sweat from countless shows. And that’s exactly what you get when you attend a show at Neumos in Seattle.

The line was down the block when I arrived, but luckily the emergency exit door was propped open for ventilation, otherwise I might’ve missed the first three songs of Washington’s own Shook Ones. And that would have been a shame, because this was their first show in two years. They seemed at ease on stage and like they hadn’t taken a night off from playing shows. The crowd was into it and the stage divers started to do what they do best, but more on that later. The front of the crowd was lined with people who knew all the words to the band’s songs, even being given the chance to scream their hearts out into the mic by singer Scott Freeman. There wasn’t a moment to rest during their 45-minute set, a relentless barrage of sing-alongs and moshing.

The Shook Ones got the crowd into an energetic frenzy and that’s a good thing because they were the only opener before Title Fight, not that Title Fight needs anyone to rev the crowd up. They started off fast and quick and that’s when it happened; the stage divers took to the stage. They kept coming, as if they were on a conveyor belt. The sheer number of people made it seem as if everyone in the audience got a chance to live out their punk rock dream and leap out over crowd. And massive props go to the people who held down the front of the room, whether it be a timid first time diver or and experienced veteran doing a full front flip into the crowd, they caught every single one. Thankfully when the band would launch into one of their more melodic, restrained songs the divers took a moment to catch their breath. Not that they had too long to do so because Title Fight knows how to craft a set list. One moment they would be playing a song that has chaos ensuing throughout the room and then would play one that sounds like the musical baby of The Cure and mellower Deftones material. Even with the range of song styles, the show flowed seamlessly. The diverse crowd hung on every song, and when I say diverse I mean it. I saw everything from a New Found Glory shirt, a Deftones hat, a Mayhem shirt and plenty of kids in sports jerseys. The kind of crowd Title Fight draws seems to be directly related to the fact that they have never been limited to the type of band they tour with. They’ve played with bands such as Madball and more recently Circa Survive. This has only help them fine tune their stage presence and gain the ability to captivate a room full of people with varying music tastes.

In closing all I can really say, rather plead, to you the reader is go see this band now, while they are still playing smaller rooms. The future seems bright for these four talented musicians from Pennsylvania.

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