Toy @ Paradiso in Amsterdam, NL on February 24th, 2019
Toy @ Paradiso in Amsterdam, NL on February 24th, 2019

Toy @ Paradiso – February 24th 2019

English psychedelic rockers Toy released their fourth album, Happy in the Hollow, in January. Their Eurpean tour for the album brought them to the Paradiso in Amsterdam, where the quintet played a blistering set drawn largely from the new record.

With the stage deeply enshrouded in fog and moody backlighting, it wasn’t always easy to see the band, but they let the music speak for itself. Opening the set with “Jolt Awake” and barely letting up through the nearly two hour long set, the group played with an intensity that they’ve never quite managed to capture on their recordings. The records are great, and well worth checking out, but Toy is very much a band to be experienced live.

While most of the set consisted of tracks from Happy in the Hollow, they did look back to each of their earlier records, with “Dead and Gone” and “Motoring” from their self-titled debut, “Fall Out of Love” and “Join the Dots” from Join the Dots, and “I’m Still Believing” from Clear Shot. The band returned with an encore performance of their first single, “Left Myself Behind.”

Jolt Awake
I’m Still Believing
Sequence One
Mistake a Stranger
Fall Out of Love
Move Through the Dark
You Make Me Forget Myself
The Willo
Join the Dots
Last Warmth of the Day
Dead & Gone

Left Myself Behind


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