Troye Sivan + Kim Petras + Carlie Hanson @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre – November 8th 2018

Singer Troye Sivan performing at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC on November 8th, 2018

Rising star Troye Sivan brought his current tour to Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, BC on Thursday night.

The first of two openers of the show was Wisconsin indie-pop artist Carlie Hanson.

Her set was exciting. She darted back and forth around the stage while delivering emotional and sonically pleasing vocals. She is carrying a new sound that feels someone how both refreshing but familiar. The crowd loved everything she was doing and screamed in support.

Next was German singer and songwriter Kim Petras. Her set was a bit more seasoned; both in sound and in rehearsed movement. She gracefully worked around the stage, stirring the venue into a dance party. Petras had an ease about her delivery but never lost control of her voice. A solid set from another artist on the rise.

The audience was now in a frenzy.

South African-born Australian singer Troye Sivan then took over the stage.

He came out from behind red velvet curtain and stood by himself before the audience. A set of spotlights dramatically illuminated his figure.

His set started with “Seventeen” from his newest album in 2018’s Bloom.

That was it, the excited patrons roared out the lyrics as one single entity, with the occasional i-love-you being yelled emphatically from the darkness.

Sivan smiled as he belted out those lyrics – “I went out looking for love when I was seventeen”.

The curtain pulled apart revealing a spacious stage setup.

Troye vigorously danced around as intricately choreographed lighting rigs painted colors around him.

This is the second time I have seen this man perform and he was pretty amazing the first time. This time he was downright phenomenal.

His ability to emote for a crowd all while bonding with them is a rarity these days. The bottom line of his performances’ is that he cares, he gives it all because he loves it and he loves his fans and he is appreciative of the whole thing.

I would say that you should expect big things from him but that goes without saying.

When he next returns to our fair city it will likely be an arena show. A feat he is very deserving of.

Thank you to all three artists and their crews for a fabulous night out.

Troye Sivan setlist
Ease (ft. Broods)
Lucky Strike
The Good Side
What a Heavenly Way to Die
1999(Charli XCX & Troye Sivan cover)
Dance to This

My My My!

Photos © Jamie Taylor // Cryptic Photography

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