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tvheartattack-7779Saturday night was alive with the energy of pure musical passion. TV Heart Attack played to an excited crowd at the Shark Club in Vancouver. To warm up the stage was the New Zealand bread Like A Storm followed by the Vancouver based Sex With Strangers. The entire night was a diverse auditory journey through three varying genres of music. With the crowd fueling up through the night, the denouement was the intense yet fun loving finish by the main act. It was to say the least an adventure.

[singlepic id=1152 w=320 h=240 float=left]Like A Storm took the stage and attacked the patrons with their hard hitting post-punk aggressive style rock. The floor was alive with the fist pumping you would expect. With an emotional energy they flew through their set with precision and heart. This band has been getting huge since they started opening for such big name acts as Creed, Staind and Puddle of Mudd. It was easy to see why the hype around this band is starting to grow like a tornado. They play with pure passion and have the balls to back it up with an edgy polished sound. Keeping this band on your radar is definite must. Like A Storm is not to be missed.

Sex With Strangers took to the stage after a near 45 minute break. The anticipation in the venue was huge. At first the intergalactic electro sounds of this band caused confusion and caught most off guard. Some people started to walk away and with good reason. The audio mix of this band was all over the charts. It was obvious they were having trouble balancing out the vocals with the instrumentals. Most notable was the overuse of the echo effect on every single song. I know for a fact that their recorded versions sound amazing compared to this, but the people in attendance were not privy to this. It cause a definite disconnect with the band and the crowd and made for a poor show. Sex With Strangers needs to secure a great live name for themselves. In this day and age you cannot rely on recorded material. This mixing issue needs to be fixed or they will fade away in the blink of an eye.[singlepic id=1153 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Finally it was on to the main course. The eager faces lined the floor waiting for Tv Heart Attack to take the stage. The four piece simply walked up and jumped right in with both feet. From the start they were full of piss and vinegar. High octane and ready to go, their sound was pristine and the playing was tight. The sound this band has is the bastard child if the 80s and the 90s had a one night stand. They have a deep vocal range in their lead singer. He brings this bowie’esque touch to some songs, and almost brit twist. With their guitarist they have energy, passion and the devil. Although he doesn’t rip the fret board apart, he is has a controlled chaos in his style; beautiful and refreshing. Bass and drums have the connection. That rare ability to seamlessly balance one another and engage in that perfect back and forth so many bands lack.

The shining point of the night was definitely hearing Hypnotic Eyes live. This song is the calling card piece by this band for me. It takes everything about them and raps it up with a neat little bow. The vocals are haunting yet have that Bowie style pop sound to them. The guitar has that 80s style simplicity to it with almost a dirty feeling; like a shameful grin. The drums and bass display that utterly important back and forth you need from them. They bring you the perfect beat, the edge, the delicious rhythmic masterpiece to lay everything on. This was the highlight moment, even compared to the last song of the night were they brought nearly twenty fans on stage and rocked hard.

TV Heart Attack is one polishing away from being amazing. Right now they have all the raw tools, and the unique sound. There vocalist has a playful stage persona, but I could easily see him becoming a heart throb. With their style and ability, the icing on the cake would be to have him be the main course for the female component. All in all the show was amazing. The band is still very green and needs some time to season to take this to the next level. Its all there though, all the pieces to make it to the top. The only thing keeping them from that is time. TV Heart Attack has wet my appetite and I want more.

Happy Concerting

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