Uforia EP Release @ Hard Rock Cafe Toronto – July 14th 2016

Uforia EP Release @ Hardrock Cafe,Toronto ©Wally Graves 2016

I was recently invited to check out a band that I had never heard of before.; they are call Uforia and they were playing the Hard Rock in Toronto.

I must say that this band definitely picked a great name for itself. We all know the definition of Euphoria; a feeling or state of intense excitement or happiness. This is exactly how the band portrayed themselves on stage. I was impressed by their stage presence.

If you are into numerology then the name Uforia can be defined in the following manner. Trust becomes a deep faith in oneself, in humanity and in the universe.
A faith that finds its strength not only in the belief in force, but in any immediate general knowledge of your presence. Such knowledge gives you relaxation and well-being, it frees you from fear and communicates about a sense of spiritual communion with life. Again their stage presence comes into play.

After 8 months of working on their third EP, Fight or Flight, they finally released it to the world. You can find it on Spotify or iTunes. Their song “Fight or Flight has been playing on radio stations across the country. The group has had airplay on XM radio and CBC Rock Stream. The Toronto Blue Jays have even come on board, playing their single at home games.
A little bit about the band, according to their website – What began as a solo project for Michael Ursini (Singer/Songwriter/Rhythm Guitar) has morphed into Uforia, a talented four-piece hard rock band. Based in Toronto and influenced by Billy Talent, Incubus, Royal Blood and the Foo Fighters, among others, the group also consists of Adam Brik (Lead Guitar), Julien Bigras (Drums) and Daniel Salij (Bass).

Uforia’s latest EP Fight or Flight was produced by and co-written with Steve Molella. For you Finger Eleven fans out there, this name would be familiar to you. Steve has replaced Rich Beddoe on Drums.

Here is the track listing of their EP Fight or Flight.
1 Fight or Flight – It is about the struggle of making difficult decisions.
2 Radiation – A warning that ecological change is inevitable.
3 Wake Me – The struggle to wake up and escape the darkness of a dream.
4 Overthrow – Taking control of your own destiny when the moment is right.
5 Is Anybody Listening – Facing the fear of change.

I see a bright future for this young talented group of musicians. They have great supporters and music mentors on their side. Please check them out when they come to a city near you.


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