VÉRITÉ @ Local 506 - September 20th 2017
VÉRITÉ @ Local 506 - September 20th 2017

Live Review: VÉRITÉ + Tigertown @ Local 506 – September 20th 2017

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Kelsey Byrne, known for her performance moniker VÉRITÉ, has been making waves since the release of her first single in 2014. Over the past three years she continued to build a solid and well-deserved buzz with a steady stream of EPs, and appearances at major festivals like Firefly and Lollapalooza before hitting a high point with a cover of “Somebody Else” by The 1975. The single garnered massive attention and generated more than 70 million streams on Spotify. Continuing the momentum, VÉRITÉ self-released her debut full-length album Somewhere In Between earlier this summer. The album is a collection of brooding alt-pop songs awash in synth-driven soundscapes that transpose vulnerability with fearless determination. It is a captivating listen, so we were thrilled when we heard that her first national headlining tour in support of the album would be stopping at Local 506 in Chapel Hill toward the end of its run of fall dates.

The mid-week Chapel Hill crowd had begun to fill Local 506 as Sydney Australia-based Tigertown took the stage to open the evening. The band is a family affair in the truest sense, fronted by the husband-and-wife duo of Chris Collins on guitar and Charlie Collins on lead vocals/synth, with the rest of the quartet comprised of the duo’s family members. Tigertown proceeded to play an infectious hook-laden set of electro-pop centered around their recently released Lonely Cities EP. The crowd was immediately up and dancing as the band’s sunny melodies and anthemic choruses took the room by storm. The euphoric vibes projected from the stage were absolutely contagious… It was virtually impossible to stand still or keep from breaking into a big grin. Having built an enthusiastic following and garnering support from Triple J radio back home in Australia, Tigertown are clearly winning over the rest of the World.

With the room still reeling from the opening salvo laid down by Tigertown, there was a palpable electricity surging through the crowd as the lights dropped and VÉRITÉ launched into “When You’re Gone,” the opening track from Somewhere In Between. The show’s production value was impressive as the massive sound shook the walls of the club and the atmospheric light show underlined the pulsating grooves. Continuing with the new album, “Bout You” and “Better” were played before reaching back to the Living EP for “Rest.” The rest of the set navigated a comfortable balance between new album tracks and earlier EP and single selections. While the thundering sound and hypnotic lights immediately gripped the senses, it was Kelsey’s powerful and seductive voice that provided the foundation for each song and mesmerized the wildly enthusiastic fans who danced and sang along. With very few breaks between the songs to address the crowd, the dazzling set felt like it ended far too soon. VÉRITÉ’s performance was like a boxer punching above their weight. This was a set of songs and a show destined for bigger stages.

VÉRITÉ + Tigertown @ Local 506 – September 20th 2017

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