We Are Scientists + Almost People @ Kings – April 25th 2019

We Are Scientists @ Kings 2019

Brooklyn-based indie rockers We Are Scientists returned last year with their sixth studio album, Megaplex, their first since 2016’s Heltzer Seltzer.  The album, which was favorably received by fans and critics alike, consisted of ten songs of catchy electro-indie pop that took the band in a sunny new direction and pushed them outside their usual sonic boundaries. 

Now, almost exactly one year since the release of Megaplex, We Are Scientists have delivered a new deluxe expanded version of the album playfully dubbed Megaplex: Rise of the Lycans.  The deluxe edition adds additional acoustic songs, bonus tracks, demos, and a remix.

Building on the momentum generated by Megaplex: Rise of the Lycans, We Are Scientists have hit the road on a Spring tour supporting Snow Patrol.  We were lucky enough to catch them on an off night when they played a headlining gig at Kings in Raleigh, NC.

The solid Thursday night crowd at Kings consisted of a demographic-defying mix of music fans that stretched from young to old and hardened rocker to shiny pop fan.  Everyone was milling in anticipation as We Are Scientists ambled onto the stage with a refreshing lack of over the top fanfare, and simply got down to business.  The duo consisting of singer/guitarist Keith Murray, and bassist Chris Cain, joined by drummer Keith Carne, started off the evening with “Your Light Has Changed,” from Megaplex.  From there, it was back to 2005’s With Love And Squalor for “The Great Escape,” followed by the more recent “Buckle,” from Heltzer Seltzer.  The opening salvo of songs set the pace for the evening, with We Are Scientists mixing in tracks from all across their catalog. The mood remained light-hearted, low-key, and fun with the between song banter and joking shared by Murray and Cain at times resembling stand up.

Rest assured, entertaining and engaging banter aside, We Are Scientists are first and foremost talented musicians and energizing performers who held the enthusiastic crowd in the palms of their hands throughout the evening.  Murray remained in constant motion as he attacked his guitar often coming to meet Cain at the front of the stage with a big grin on his face.  By the time the set closed out with a double-barreled “Rules Don’t Stop,’ followed by “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt,” the crowd was robustly cheering for more… And We Are Scientists didn’t disappoint, returning for a trio of encores that ended with Keith Murray singing and playing on the floor in the middle of the audience.  We Are Scientists delivered a rollicking performance that was undeniably fun and thrilling to watch. 

Opening the evening was local Durham NC-based pop-punk trio, Almost People.  The band delivered an all too short set of melodic guitar driven DIY punk that turned more than a few heads.

We Are Scientists Setlist:

Your Light Has Changed
The Great Escape
Chick Lit
I Don’t Bite
Now or Never
It’s A Hit
Too Late
This Scene is Dead
One In, One Out
After Hours
No Wait at Five Leaves
Rules Don’t Stop
Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

Nice Guys

We Are Scientists + Almost People @ Kings
Photos © Dan Kulpa // Clashdan Photography

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