Zombie & Cooper; Demonic Decadence

A diabolical duo brought complete chaos to the darkness last night. Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie teamed up for a double header. The match-up was pure performance bliss; a passing of the torch of sorts. The theatrical opening of Mr.Cooper was evil personified, and had the horde deeply mesmerized. By the time Zombie attacked the stage with his horror movie styled burlesque masterpiece, the anxious mob erupted. The evening was devilishly superb, and a macabre metal heads wet dream.

Waiting on the floor the legion was over anxious and heated. Arguments and tempers flared throughout, with territorial acts to defend ones space. As expected the all consuming darkness eventually swallowed the stadium; launching the swarm into a hysteria. Alice Cooper and his minions appeared before the mass and started into their evil inspiring theatrics piece.

School’s Out started the set. Easily the most identifiable piece, it instantly connected the band to the fans below. The ninety minutes were a combination of theatrics, magic and dark lyrics. With a barrage of on stage antics to keep you enticed at every moment. Giant balloons filled the floor and once popped ejected glitter and confetti to the masses. A guillotine was brought to the stage and sliced the lead singers head off; he was later hung from a noose, injected with a giant poisonous syringe and reincarnated as a spider-human hybrid.

Through his on stage display, he came across as a pure hell bent mad man. Cooper, lifted up his severed prosthetic head and began passionately kissing it. Later he strutted around with what was meant to be a dead bride, stroking it and caressing it as if it were alive. His dedication to his persona is something to inspire you. During the performance of Billion Dollar Babies, he sliced the head off a doll, it was all over the top and perfect in every way. While the final moments of the set wound down, the macabre master appeared wearing a Vancouver Canucks jersey, Luongos name and number on the back, which was stained in blood. Alice announced to the crowd “Blackhawk Blood!”. The production was over and it was amazing.

After some time in the hiatus between bands, the master of horror stepped from the shadows. Standing before an intense assemblage, Rob Zombie would soon jump into a heart pounding 90 minute set. The entire group dawned masks, appearing to be a demonic horde. Zombie through the signal and the set was off. A clambering cluster electrified the floor. Like mad particles darting in every direction the chaos had begun.

Rob and his crew were intense, passionate and driven by the devil. The big difference from Alice’s set is this is a new level of darkness. While playing, two completely nude women appeared on the stage, engaging in a tawdry, sexually charged moment. With a variation of large scale screens encompassing the back drop, imagery of destruction and anarchy accompanied the show. At times streams of serial killers flashed across the screens, clips from Zombie directed films and vintage horror classics also peeked their heads. This was a darker, and more raw set than the opener. With the energy level of the music, the intensity of the mob on the floor was through the roof.

All in all Zombies set was horror and metal wrapped with a bloody bow. The combination of these two acts was the pairing you wait for. Each band complemented the other in every way, which made for an evening you would dream of seeing. The lack of energy at most large concerts is a cause for concern. At Rob Zombie exhibitions this has never and will never be a problem. Alice Cooper is the master of the macabre and the grandfather of the demonic stage. This tour was a definite passing of the torch, Zombie is the new Cooper. What this show also proved was the relevancy of Alice in a modern day fast paced music business. His dark insanity on stage is refreshing and never missed a beat with the crowd for a second. Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper is the tour to beat this year.

Happy Concerting

Jamie Taylor
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