Vancouver Concerts

Mar 23 Matthew GoodThe Vogue Theatre
Mar 23 WestermanThe Fox Cabaret
Mar 23 PolyrhythmicsRickshaw Theatre
Mar 23 Manatee CommuneWild Buffalo House Of Music
Mar 26 Black MountainWild Buffalo House Of Music
Mar 26 Kodak BlackPNE Forum
Mar 26 Terror JrVenue Nightclub
Mar 27 Laura Jane GraceVenue Nightclub
Mar 28 Donovan WoodsThe Rio Theatre
Mar 28 Tom WalkerImperial
Mar 28 Poor Mans WhiskeyWild Buffalo House Of Music
Mar 29 PupThe Wise Hall
Mar 29 Night BeatsRickshaw Theatre
Mar 30 ComethazineVenue Nightclub
Mar 30 The AlkaholiksWild Buffalo House Of Music
Mar 31 James BayDoug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
Apr 1 The Blue StonesThe Fox Cabaret
Apr 2 SpiritualizedCommodore Ballroom
Apr 3 Dermot KennedyCommodore Ballroom
Apr 3 Against The CurrentImperial
Apr 4 FKJThe Vogue Theatre
Apr 4 GrimskunkVenue Nightclub
Apr 5 PinkRogers Arena
Apr 5 Ayla NereoThe Fox Cabaret
Apr 5 DiRTY RADiOFortune Sound Club
Apr 6 WizkidHarbour Event Centre
Apr 6 Nite WaveWild Buffalo House Of Music
Apr 6 9:30 pm PinkRogers Arena
Apr 7 WeezerRogers Arena
Apr 7 JD McPhersonImperial
Apr 7 Hop AlongBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 7 Theresa CaputoAbbotsford Centre
Apr 7 Little PeopleBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 7 Moon Vs SunThe Port Theatre
Apr 7 Dennis LloydVenue TBA
Apr 7 Steel PulseThe Vogue Theatre
Apr 8 A Boogie wit da HoodieCommodore Ballroom
Apr 8 Moon Vs SunThe McPherson Playhouse
Apr 9 MissioBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 9 The InterruptersCommodore Ballroom
Apr 9 Moon Vs SunThe Rio Theatre
Apr 10 Alice In ChainsQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Apr 10 AJJThe Shakedown
Apr 10 Michael FrantiTelus World Ski and Snowboard Festival
Apr 10 Snotty Nose Rez KidsTelus World Ski and Snowboard Festival
Apr 11 Satanic SurfersRickshaw Theatre
Apr 11 Steel PantherCommodore Ballroom
Apr 11 Grateful ShredThe Fox Cabaret
Apr 11 Jim GaffiganAbbotsford Centre
Apr 11 AJJImperial
Apr 11 Little DestroyerTelus World Ski and Snowboard Festival
Apr 11 Old Soul RebelTelus World Ski and Snowboard Festival
Apr 12 Steel PantherCommodore Ballroom
Apr 12 Breaking Benjamin CancelledAbbotsford Centre
Apr 12 Plantrae x CofresiImperial
Apr 12 Thunder From Down UnderRiver Rock Show Theatre
Apr 12 Shook TwinsWild Buffalo House Of Music
Apr 12 Skratch BastidTelus World Ski and Snowboard Festival
Apr 13 Steel PantherCommodore Ballroom
Apr 13 SasamiThe Wise Hall
Apr 13 The MurlocsThe Fox Cabaret
Apr 13 Delhi 2 DublinWild Buffalo House Of Music
Apr 13 Mat The AlienTelus World Ski and Snowboard Festival
Apr 14 Ten FéBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 14 MorrisseyOrpheum Theatre
Apr 14 MursWild Buffalo House Of Music
Apr 14 MarchfourthTelus World Ski and Snowboard Festival
Apr 15 Earl SweatshirtCommodore Ballroom
Apr 15 MorrisseyOrpheum Theatre
Apr 16 Alice MertonBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 17 Sawyer FredericksBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 17 9:30 pm Dan + ShayAbbotsford Centre
Apr 18 MetricPacific Coliseum
Apr 18 Blac RabbitThe Wise Hall
Apr 18 Mr. EaziCommodore Ballroom
Apr 18 OnyxBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 18 FailureVenue Nightclub
Apr 18 Blac RabbitWise Hall
Apr 19 lovelythebandCommodore Ballroom
Apr 19 Shy GirlsThe Fox Cabaret
Apr 19 Ex HexBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 19 Leikeli47Fortune Sound Club
Apr 19 The Pack A.D.The Shakedown
Apr 20 Stacked FestivalPacific Coliseum
Apr 20 Delhi 2 DublinCommodore Ballroom
Apr 20 Anomalie BeatsThe Fox Cabaret
Apr 20 Sik-KThe Vogue Theatre
Apr 21 Taking Back SundayCommodore Ballroom
Apr 22 Taking Back SundayCommodore Ballroom
Apr 23 WallowsVenue Nightclub
Apr 23 EscortFortune Sound Club
Apr 25 King PrincessThe Vogue Theatre
Apr 25 Matt AndersenChan Centre for Performing Arts
Apr 25 Juice WRLDPNE Forum
Apr 26 The 1975Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
Apr 26 WintersleepCommodore Ballroom
Apr 26 GodsmackAbbotsford Centre
Apr 26 TurnoverBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 26 HalestormChan Centre for Performing Arts
Apr 26 Forest RayThe Shakedown
Apr 26 KuinkaWild Buffalo House Of Music
Apr 26 CloakSmilin’ Buddha Cabaret
Apr 27 Ariana GrandeRogers Arena
Apr 27 Strand Of OaksBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 27 Nina ContiThe Rio Theatre
Apr 27 Platinum BlondeHard Rock Casino Vancouver
Apr 27 Knife KnightsFortune Sound Club
Apr 27 Ill.gatesWild Buffalo House Of Music
Apr 28 IceageAstoria
Apr 28 Lauren Ruth WardBiltmore Cabaret
Apr 29 The PalmsThe Fox Cabaret
Apr 29 YBN NahmirShowbox at the Market
Apr 30 Peter Bjorn And JohnVenue Nightclub
Apr 30 Chris WebbyImperial
May 1 Nick WaterhouseBiltmore Cabaret
May 2 EPIK HIGHThe Vogue Theatre
May 2 MelvinsVenue Nightclub
May 3 The Boom BoomsCommodore Ballroom
May 3 DizzyBiltmore Cabaret
May 4 Henry JamisonThe Fox Cabaret
May 4 Terry FatorMolson Canadian Theatre
May 4 IonnaleeVenue Nightclub
May 5 Jon BryantBiltmore Cabaret
May 5 Party NailsThe Shakedown
May 6 KT TunstallImperial
May 6 Chris HadfieldOrpheum Theatre
May 6 La DisputeThe Vogue Theatre
May 7 LÉONImperial
May 7 Ezra FurmanThe Wise Hall
May 7 WandBiltmore Cabaret
May 8 Jai WolfVenue Nightclub
May 8 The Philosopher KingsImperial
May 8 Passion PitCommodore Ballroom
May 9 The Tea PartyCommodore Ballroom
May 9 The Japanese HouseFortune Sound Club
May 9 Michal MenertWild Buffalo House Of Music
May 10 Filthy FriendsRickshaw Theatre
May 10 Bruno MajorImperial
May 11 JosephSt. James Hall
May 12 RodriguezQueen Elizabeth Theatre
May 14 Laura StevensonBiltmore Cabaret
May 14 Lil DebbieWild Buffalo House Of Music
May 15 Local NativesCommodore Ballroom
May 15 SupersuckersRickshaw Theatre
May 16 American FootballImperial
May 16 CombichristRickshaw Theatre
May 17 Camp CopeBiltmore Cabaret
May 17 Weyes BloodSt. James Hall
May 17 CandaceThe Shakedown
May 18 The LemonheadsRickshaw Theatre
May 18 FoxingBiltmore Cabaret
May 18 Armin Van BuurenPNE Forum
May 18 Bea MillerVenue Nightclub
May 19 Orville PeckThe Wise Hall
May 19 MogliBiltmore Cabaret
May 20 Jenny LewisCommodore Ballroom
May 21 Elle KingCommodore Ballroom
May 22 Rolling StonesCenturyLink Field
May 22 The SpecialsCommodore Ballroom
May 22 Kali UchisPNE Forum
May 22 Johnny OrlandoThe Rio Theatre
May 24 The Twilight SadThe Wise Hall
May 25 Jenn GrantFortune Sound Club
May 25 Higher BrothersCommodore Ballroom
May 25 Real EstateImperial
May 25 Allan RaymanThe Vogue Theatre
May 26 Swingin UttersWise Hall
May 27 Alessia CaraQueen Elizabeth Theatre
May 28 J.I.DCommodore Ballroom
May 29 Gucci ManePNE Forum
May 30 CherRogers Arena
May 30 Snotty Nose Rez KidsFortune Sound Club
May 30 Last Podcast On The LeftQueen Elizabeth Theatre
May 31 Steven PageCommodore Ballroom
May 31 The Planet SmashersImperial
May 31 Bob SagetRiver Rock Show Theatre
May 31 Pig DestroyerRickshaw Theatre
Jun 1 The PharcydeWild Buffalo House Of Music
Jun 1 Billie EilishPNE Amphitheatre
Jun 1 The Veer UnionThe Roxy
Jun 1 Tim BakerCommodore Ballroom
Jun 1 SebadohThe Fox Cabaret
Jun 2 Billie EilishMarymoor Park
Jun 3 AvatarCommodore Ballroom
Jun 4 Mark MansonThe Rio Theatre
Jun 4 FoxwarrenBiltmore Cabaret
Jun 5 Long Beach Dub AllstarsImperial
Jun 5 ArizonaCommodore Ballroom
Jun 6 Bear’s DenCommodore Ballroom
Jun 6 Royal TruxRickshaw Theatre
Jun 6 ChromaticsThe Vogue Theatre
Jun 7 FlipperThe Astoria
Jun 7 HelixHard Rock Casino Vancouver
Jun 7 Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverRickshaw Theatre
Jun 7 ChromeoMalkin Bowl
Jun 7 OperatorsFortune Sound Club
Jun 7 Great Good Fine OkThe Fox Cabaret
Jun 8 KraniumVenue Nightclub
Jun 8 Royal ThunderAstoria
Jun 8 OperatorsFortune Sound Club
Jun 9 The CultThe Vogue Theatre
Jun 9 Nick MurphyCommodore Ballroom
Jun 11 Father John MistyMarymoor Park
Jun 12 Bobby BaziniImperial
Jun 12 Connan MockasinRickshaw Theatre
Jun 12 L7Commodore Ballroom
Jun 13 The HeavyCommodore Ballroom
Jun 13 Rob ThomasChateau Ste. Michelle
Jun 14 Shawn MendesRogers Arena
Jun 14 Sticky FingersCommodore Ballroom
Jun 14 BailenWise Hall
Jun 14 Reverend Horton HeatWild Buffalo House Of Music
Jun 14 YungbludVenue Nightclub
Jun 15 Sticky FingersCommodore Ballroom
Jun 15 Reverend Horton HeatVenue Nightclub
Jun 18 Aly & AJCommodore Ballroom
Jun 19 Third Eye BlindWaMu Theater
Jun 19 Anderson .PaakPNE Amphitheatre
Jun 19 Ludovico EinaudiOrpheum Theatre
Jun 21 Wu-Tang ClanWaMu Theater
Jun 21 ShaggyRiver Rock Show Theatre
Jun 21 Michael FrantiChateau Ste. Michelle
Jun 21 Five Alarm FunkCommodore Ballroom
Jun 21 Mini MansionsBiltmore Cabaret
Jun 22 Josh RitterThe Vogue Theatre
Jun 22 Coheed and CambriaMarymoor Park
Jun 22 Michael FrantiChateau Ste. Michelle
Jun 23 Blue OctoberVenue Nightclub
Jun 23 Sublime with RomeMarymoor Park
Jun 23 Terri ClarkHard Rock Casino Vancouver
Jun 25 Jim JamesCommodore Ballroom
Jun 25 GrapetoothThe Fox Cabaret
Jun 26 The MesstheticsFortune Sound Club
Jun 27 Jamila WoodsBiltmore Cabaret
Jun 28 The RootsQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jun 28 Howard JonesRickshaw Theatre
Jun 28 Lyle LovettChateau Ste. Michelle
Jun 29 DidoOrpheum Theatre
Jun 29 RebelutionMarymoor Park
Jun 30 3:00 pm Shin LimOrpheum Theatre
Jun 30 7:00 pm Shin LimOrpheum Theatre
Jul 2 PentatonixRogers Arena
Jul 2 PriestsBiltmore Cabaret
Jul 2 Gone CountryBill Reid Millennium Amphitheater
Jul 6 Paul McCartneyBC Place
Jul 11 David FosterQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jul 11 Bob Log IIIFortune Sound Club
Jul 12 - 15 Bass CoastMerrit
Jul 13 Rodrigo y GabrielaChateau Ste. Michelle
Jul 14 Brit FloydQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jul 17 Jon BellionQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jul 18 SlashQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jul 18 Bob Log IIIThe Shakedown
Jul 19 ChicagoChateau Ste. Michelle
Jul 20 ChicagoChateau Ste. Michelle
Jul 24 Ali WongQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jul 25 Ali WongQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jul 25 Michael McDonaldChateau Ste. Michelle
Jul 25 Joey Bada$$PNE Amphitheatre
Jul 26 Ali WongQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jul 26 9:15 pm Ali WongQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jul 27 Backstreet BoysRogers Arena
Jul 27 Norah JonesChateau Ste. Michelle
Jul 28 Norah JonesOrpheum Theatre
Jul 30 DrugdealerThe Fox Cabaret
Jul 30 Nathaniel RateliffPNE Amphitheatre
Aug 4 Rob ZombieRogers Arena
Aug 4 Young The GiantMarymoor Park
Aug 7 The DrumsImperial
Aug 7 Mumford & SonsBC Place
Aug 9 Gipsy KingsChateau Ste. Michelle
Aug 9 - 18 CrankworxWhistler Village
Aug 11 Lord HuronMarymoor Park
Aug 14 The Piano GuysMarymoor Park
Aug 16 PRETTYMUCHQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Aug 17 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardHarbour Event Centre
Aug 18 JoJo SiwaMarymoor Park
Aug 20 Hank Von HellRickshaw Theatre
Aug 21 IrationMarymoor Park
Aug 21 ZZ TopChateau Ste. Michelle
Aug 23 Amos LeeChateau Ste. Michelle
Aug 24 Josh GrobanChateau Ste. Michelle
Aug 24 CalexicoThe Vogue Theatre
Aug 25 Josh GrobanChateau Ste. Michelle
Aug 28 The NationalDeer Lake Park
Aug 30 Steve Miller BandChateau Ste. Michelle
Aug 31 Keith UrbanWashington State Fair
Aug 31 Steve Miller BandChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 2 The Beach BoysWashington State Fair
Sep 3 Iron MaidenRogers Arena
Sep 5 Bryan FerryQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Sep 5 Aaron WatsonWashington State Fair
Sep 5 Death Cab For CutieMalkin Bowl
Sep 6 The Mountain GoatsCommodore Ballroom
Sep 6 Eli YoungWashington State Fair
Sep 6 Said The WhaleMalkin Bowl
Sep 6 Pink MartiniChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 7 The Cadillac ThreeWashington State Fair
Sep 7 Chris IsaakChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 10 Gary Clark JrPNE Forum
Sep 11 Gary Clark JrChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 12 Diana KrallChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 13 The Australian Pink Floyd ShowChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 13 EnforcerRickshaw Theatre
Sep 14 Mark KnopflerChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 15 Mark KnopflerChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 18 ForeignerWashington State Fair
Sep 19 Old DominionWashington State Fair
Sep 20 Earth, Wind & FireChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 21 Elton JohnRogers Arena
Sep 21 MillencolinImperial
Sep 21 Earth, Wind & FireChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 22 Elton JohnRogers Arena
Sep 22 Brad PaisleyWashington State Fair
Sep 23 Nitzer EbbVenue Nightclub
Sep 24 Elton JohnRogers Arena
Sep 25 Vampire WeekendDeer Lake Park
Oct 3 DodieThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 7 Oh SeesRickshaw Theatre
Oct 9 MarinaQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Oct 11 54-40Commodore Ballroom
Oct 12 54-40Commodore Ballroom
Oct 14 StereolabCommodore Ballroom
Oct 17 Andrew BirdThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 19 HozierDoug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
Oct 21 The WhoRogers Arena
Oct 23 Jeremy DutcherCommodore Ballroom
Oct 24 Judah and the LionOrpheum Theatre
Oct 25 Big ThiefThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 26 Dallas SmithAbbotsford Centre
Oct 27 Built To SpillHollywood Theatre
Nov 10 RaffiQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Nov 24 The Black KeysRogers Arena
Nov 30 She Past AwayRickshaw Theatre
Dec 6 The ChainsmokersRogers Arena
Dec 23 The Pineapple ThiefRickshaw Theatre
Feb 21 SoulshaThe ACT
Feb 22 SoulshaSurrey Arts Centre
May 13 Russell HowardThe Vogue Theatre

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