Photo Gallery: Scott Stapp + Drowning Pool@ Brooklyn Bowl – September 29th 2017

The Make America Rock Again Tour hit Las Vegas on Friday night and boy what a show it was! It kicked off with veteran rockers Adelitas Way who were really ecstatic to play their hometown and see familiar and new faces alike. They played Bad Reputation, Ready For War, Alive, Notorious, Criticize as well as one more which I missed the name of. Adelitas Way was sad that they were playing such a shortened set compared to what they were used to, but offered to come back and play their hometown of Las Vegas, NV soon with a much longer set. Headlining set/tour? We shall see. Next came Trapt who played a really solid hard rock performance and got the crowd moving during their entire set. Playing fan favorites such as Still Frame, Bring It, and asking the crowd Who’s Going Home With You Tonight? there wasn’t a better song that could follow then their classic Headstrong. After Trapt had finished their set we had Sick Puppies and Drowning Pool before we had the headliner Scott Stapp hit the stage. Sick Puppies is a name I’ve heard of here and there, but never really checked into them. However, after seeing them live it has completely changed my perspective on the group. Sick Puppies had some great songs in their setlist such as War, Stick To Your Guns, and You’re Going Down which had many fans captivated by what they were seeing on stage. Drowning Pool who is best known for “let the bodies hit the floor” reminded the crowd that they had more in their arsenal and were more than just a one-hit wonder. Sinner, Think, Step Up, Feel Like I Do made the setlist better than any other song could. The bands heavy background really showed as they rocked the Brooklyn Bowl stage and the crowd was loving every second of it. But I must admit I don’t think anyone could beat Drowning Pool for the largest mosh pit during Bodies at the end of their set as fans bodies were flying everywhere in the venue.

After four opening acts it was time for the main person of interest to take the stage. The myth, the legend, the one of a kind Scott Stapp. Stapp had a short, but impactful set as he hammered through each one with grace and precision. He began with Bullets from his band Creed’s third album, Weathered and went on to play Slow Suicide a single from his second solo album titled Proof of Life. Up next was Overcome and My Own Prison (at this point in the show Stapp introduced the song as the one of the songs from the album that he debuted when he entered the music industry with Creed back in 97). Staying true to his Creed roots Stapp went on to play What If, Arms Wide Open (which he dedicated to his unborn child who is on the way), Higher, One Last Breath, and My Sacrifice which had his entire audience singing along until the end of the set. As an enjoyable set as it was (and you had to be at an Make America Rock Again tour date to see just how enjoyable this man is live) I would’ve liked to have seen more original work from his solo albums. But who knows? Maybe Mr. Stapp has a special surprise tour in store that will celebrate both of his solo albums (Proof Of Life & The Great Divide). Nonetheless, Stapp did an amazing job live and did an even better job connecting with his fans. I’m really looking forward to seeing him again soon.

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