bun b

Bun B @ Venue Nightclub – April 30th 2014

It has been seven years since “UGK” founding member Pimp C has passed, but as Bun B said as his performance ended “Tell em I said UK for life”. This sentiment rang through at Venue on this night. The diverse, and at times rawkus, crowd was high energy and amped for the show.

DJ duo Thugli, got the crowd into the frenzy with their brand of trap music. Their bass heavy mixs got the crowd going, but it was clear that the people in attendance were there to see Bun B. Once their set was winding down, the crowd grew a bit antsy and began an “BUN B!” chant.

Bun B took the stage to a roar, and it almost looked like he was surprised by the response he received. Despite his DJ looking like a zombie, the beats were bumping and had the crowd bouncing all night. It was also evident that Bun B had enjoyed some of BC’s finest product before he took the stage. His eyes were glazed, and nearly closed, but that did not take away from his flow or stage presence.

Bun B went from new tracks off of his latest release Trill OG: The Epilogue, to his older solo and group tracks. The crowd nearly tore the roof off of Venue when the beat for the Jay-Z Ft. Bun B & Pimp C track “Big Pimpin” dropped. Bun B tore through his verse, then without missing a beat, the crowd stepped in and provided the Pimp C verse. If Bun B was not sure if UGK was still alive in Vancouver, he knew for sure that it was after that.

After this song, Bun B popped a bottle and poured a bit out for his departed homies. Then, in an ill advised show of support, a concert-goer in the front row did the same thing. “Whoa dude. Only I can do that. Don’t pour your beer on the stage.” joked Bun B.

This show proved that hip hop is alive and well in Vancouver, and also the memory UGK is going on as well. This review is short, just like the set was. It almost felt as though it was over as soon as it started. Regardless of the length of the show, fans left Granville St. happy on this night.

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