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A Chat With Patton Oswalt

Comedy fans in Vancouver, BC are in for a treat as Patton Oswalt, the award-winning American comedian, actor, and writer, is coming to perform in the city as part of the Just For Laughs Vancouver Festival. The festival, which runs from February 16-25, 2023, is an annual event that brings together some of the biggest names in comedy from Canada and around the world.

Patton Oswalt is set to perform on the final day of the festival, February 25, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. This highly anticipated show is sure to attract a large and enthusiastic audience, as Oswalt is known for his sharp wit, irreverent humour, and insightful observations on popular culture, politics, and society.

Born in Virginia in 1969, Patton Oswalt has been a fixture in the comedy scene since the late 1990s, with his unique style and fearless approach to comedy earning him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. He has released several stand-up comedy albums, starred in numerous TV shows and movies, and authored several books, including the New York Times bestseller “Silver Screen Fiend.”

In our recent phone interview, Oswalt discussed his upcoming performance in Vancouver and exclaimed, “Vancouver’s a great city!”

Fans of Oswalt’s comedy won’t want to miss this chance to see him live on stage at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on February 25 – find tickets. For additional information on the full event schedule and ticketing for the 2023 Just For Laughs Vancouver festival, head over to

For those interested in checking out the full phone interview, check it out below.

Patton Oswalt [PO] interviewed by Jamie Taylor [JT]

JT - Hello Patton!
PO - Hey!
JT - Hey, how are you doing?
PO - I'm good!
JT - Good! Good! I'll try to keep this as quick as I can, I know you are a busy man.
PO - You got it.
JT - You were recently on Celebrity Jeopardy and I know it was for charity but how much of a kick in the dick was it for Ike to go old school and beat you by just one dollar?
PO - I mean it still felt like, I only lost by a dollar so it didn't feel that bad. Like if I lost by buck, then it was just like, oh, I lost by a buck, I put up a good fight.
JT - You were just there, you were just one dollar away.
PO - Yeah.
JT - And, so, how was the experience being on Celebrity Jeopardy? Was that a little bit nerve racking? 
PO - Uh, it was a... a little bit? Uh, yeah it was very very nerve racking. It was, you get out there, you don't know. You freeze up. It's amazing!
JT - Oh good, well congratulation on placing second! Thats awesome!
PO - Oh, thank you!
JT - Oh, you're welcome! So, I remember, uh...a few years ago you sparked a sort of Twitter flame war against everybodies favourite toxic male fantasy that is Andrew Tate. How did it feel seeing him sort of out himself over a spat with the lovely Greta Thunberg?
PO - Um, I mean I'm not really one for vengeance anymore. It felt more...but I'm glad that it was he that did it to himself rather than anyone can say like , "oh, they're just trying to cancel him". Well, you just did it to yourself, dude. So, you know?
JT - Yeah, that exactly. It's tastes a little bit better when he did it to himself.
PO - Yeah, exactly!
JT - So, as a comedian in 2023, do you think choosing not to be on TikTok making dance videos will actively hurt your career?
PO - We'll see. I don't want to have to learn another platform, man. I just don't have the time. Between Twitter and Instagram, I'm busy enough.
JT - It's just like every year there's a new thing that the kids like and it's impossible.
PO - Yup! Don't have the time.
JT - I'm gonna go way back here for a quick second, back in 2011 you were in a film called 'Young Adult' with a lesser known actor named Charlize Theron. I seem to remember you being forced, likely against your will, to kiss this person on the film. Now, as a rotund man that actively collects vintage Masters Of the Universe figures himself, then in his 30s, I felt a sort of personal win from that scene. A sort of win for my team. Was it really as bad to film that scene as you have stated over the years?
PO - I mean any kind of sex scene...make-out scene is never as fun as you think its gonna be. There is a lot of people around. It's very tense. It's very very close and intimate. So, you know, most actors will tell you that no matter how hot they look, a lot of sex know...not as hot as you think they're going to be.
JT - Oh, I imagine. Yeah, yeah. I just remember seeing you do interviews about it and being...excetly that. It was not as nice as you thought it would be or as people would expect.
PO - No! Exactly.
JT - I've been a huge fan of your work for years. I remember seeing you in 2008 as part of Comedy Death Ray in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom. 
PO - Oh, fun!
JT - Yeah, that was way back, way back just post-Ratatouille. I think. About a year out from Ratatouille. 
PO - Mhmm.
JT - I've always been a fan of your writing has always been equal parts clever and silly, which is just the best. 
PO - Well, thank you!
JT - Oh, well you're welcome!. I know your most recent special came out on Netflix, I think it's "We All Scream". I think it's about your tenth special. Um, wow quickly after your special comes out on Netflix are you planning the  next special? Or is that more of a just biproduct of just builing out your full touring hour and then selling off the spoils?
PO - Yeah, I just wait until I have the next hour I like and just see who wants to buy it. That's kinda how I've always done it. 
JT - Nice! And do you actively...once you've burned that material on putting out the special, are you just hitting the clubs right away and trying out new material right away? Or do you take...sort of take a break to kind of reset yourself and find other interesting aspects of life that you want to...uh...delve into?
PO - I'm always just trying to observe my life as I live it, and then part of my life is just going up on stage, but it doesn't like consume my life. So, I'm able to do other things outside of it and then kinda take that on to the stage. For me it's more of a constant process, rather than an "okay, now take a break and then comeback" and that kind of stuff. You know?
JT - Okay, yeah, that makes sense. It's your output from...that's just how you process life, essentially?
PO - Yes! Exactly!
JT - Oh, very cool! Very cool!
PO - Yeah!
JT - Yeah! So, a couple quick questions. Why is the DC Cinematic Universe so much worse than the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
PO - Uh, I don't know! Right now...some of it's good. The Batman movie that came out, I thought was excellent. A lot of their TV Patrol's great. I mean...I just depends whose making the film and what kind what kind of outlook they have for it, I guess. I don't know. I mean...again, any answer I give now, it'll be different in year from now because it's constantly fluctuating. 
JT - Yeah, that makes...that makes sense. I guess more leaning toward the movie side of things. I mean...yeah, you're right the TV end or TV type platforms are definitely very high quality but I guess the movie side of things, some of them are not as um...consistent as the Marvel side.
PO - Yeah, but that is always going back and forth.
JT - Yeah, definitely! Good answer, good answer! So, lastly, I just have one last question, a little bit of pandering here, a two part question - what is your favorite city to perform in and why is it Vancouver?
PO - [Laughs] Vancouver's a great city! It's very mellow. The audience is very open. I mean to me, I don't really think of it in terms of cities, I wanna try to make, um...every city...every crowd, my crowd irregardless of the city and venue. You know, that's the whole idea there, for me. 
JT - That makes sense.
PO - Yeah.
JT - Seeing you over the years and seeing the stuff you write about it's definitely more widely palatable. It's not liek you're playing, uh...too much stuff that's, uh, USA based, political or anything like that.
PO - Oh wow. 
JT - [Laughs]
PO - [Laughs]
JT - So, yeah, anyways, thats all the questions I had for you today. So, I'll let you get back on with everything. I really appreciate you taking the moment to talk to me. 
PO - Awesome! Hey, thanks so much man!
JT - Hey, thanks so much! And, we look forward to seeing you Vancouver in a short few weeks. 
PO - I can't wait. I can't wait to be there.
JT - Awesome! Thanks so much, Patton. You have yourself a good day!
PO - Yup, bubbye!

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