Live Review: Kevin Costner; Country With Spirit

Kevin Costner at the PNE Summer Nights in Vancouver
Last night Kevin Costner and Modern West played at the PNE Fairgrounds. The night air was sweetened with his playful lyrics and easy going spirit. The hordes were gathered, eager to quench their curiosity on whether this big screen lady killer was serious . With his charm and sweet talk on stage he quickly won the crowd and had them clapping in time with each and every song.

An hour before the band was to take the stage, walking amongst the food kiosks, suddenly you could here a delectable little guitar riff flow past your ears. Making our way over to the stage we were all surprised to find Mr.Costner performing his own sound check. The crowd in the surrounding beer garden and stands packed in immediately. As the star and his band played through a few songs to make sure the equipment was ready to rock. Among the songs played was Mr.Tambourine Man, by Bob Dylan. To which Kevin commented, as being his favorite song to play live. Unfortunately he forgot the first verse, but quickly laughed it off. Soon they were off the stage, now time to wait for the real show.

After an hour or more, the band appeared before a now swollen mass of attendees. The outlying area around the stage completely encompassed with onlookers. Yet no Mr.Waterworld could be seen. Suddenly at the back of the audience a spot light dawned. Via video screens, you could see he was making his way through the gathering, shaking hands and hugging ladies. A few times the feint shouts of woman as they proclaimed “I pinched his butt” could be heard. With smiles and good humor he made it to the stage and started into a little sweet talk.

The group has released two albums in its lifetime. Untold Truths was released in 2008, and had much acceptance from the country community.Turn It On was released this year, and so far has done pretty well. The band lept into their set and played with huge grins painted across their faces. This was truly a fivesome of men whom played for the pure love of it.

The songs were not catchy and pop styled they were from the heart and grass roots. Everything was country rock and had the fans swinging along to the beat. Throughout the grass hill side you could see the hips of the entire crowd swaying. It was actually quite nice to see that everyone bought in so quickly and welcomed this act with open arms. From the reviews and write ups of past shows this is common occurrence for Costner and his crew.

Soon enough the music fades and after Mr.Hollywood finishes his farewell speech they vacate the stage. The reception and appreciation from the crowd was amazing, they clapped and hollered passionately. The night sky was dark and the sweet smell of the fairs food was wafting through. As the band had gone, the crowd now dissipated. It was a treat to see someone who loves to perform, play such a fun show. Kevin Costner & Modern West were a country treat.

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  1. Thanks for the pics. Sure are good lookin people. Its hard for me to realize Costner is a Country player, I’ve always enjoyed his films. Luv Ya

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